Techno Vinyls Records ’ series of interviews, we talk to producers who have releases on our label.

Interview with AXONES (Sebastien Morel)

What does producing mean to you? When did you start your music career and what motivated you?

  • Music production is a way to relax, a hobby that brings a lot of personal satisfaction. Today with technical advances, it is very easy to make a small studio and to be able to release beautiful productions.
    My goal has never been to make a musical career, I have always worked in parallel with music so I never put pressure on myself. If I am offered to play in a club it makes me happy but it is not an imperative to my well-being.
    My motivation is intimately linked to the realization of a title even better than the previous, There are so many synthesizers, VST and VSTI that it promotes a lot of creation and quality in the arrangements. The search to always do better is my fuel.

How have your releases inspired you throughout your career?

  • It took me a long time to find my style and it is still evolving. My achievements are related to my mood, my environment and the other producers are also an important source of inspiration for me, I listen to a lot of music.
    I like that a title generally exudes energy.

Do you like to collaborate with other artists? What do you think about remixing? Do you like to remix or do you like to have your music remixed?

  • Yes, I like to collaborate with other people, besides now I make music with a friend called E-RUNNER. We have released several EPs in the last few months and we have 2 EPs coming out for the year 2021.
    For me the remix is a difficult exercise. I always told myself that if I am offered a remix I must do as well as the original and even do better. They are my criteria.
    I gladly agree to make remixes and I am also happy when I am offered remixers on my tracks. It allows you to discover other universes and in general music is an exchange …

How do you choose a title for your tracks? Do you think a well-chosen track and EP title matters?

  • We are already in a style of music (Techno) which has no words or very little so it is essential for me to apply on the names of the titles and the EP in order to transmit my states of mind according to my environment.
    I like through the names of titles to denounce political situations, social injustices, environmental problems … Art in general has an important role for that.

Is a well-designed cover important to you?

  • Of course ! Whether it’s the title or the cover, everything is important in an ep. It is a global project. An ep is not just a sound experience, it’s also visual. The music, the titles, and the cover must release an energy, an emotion, a reflection …
    A lot of labels and artists neglect that and that’s a shame. It’s a personal satisfaction when you get there.

How do you choose record labels (what is a good label for you and what are your expectations)?

-The main criterion remains the musical orientation of the label, we have just spoken about it on the previous question, the visual aesthetics of the covers, the distribution media such as vinyl.

How do you see track sales in the digital millennium data flood (for example: how do you see the digital sales, promotion tracks, illegal downloads etc.)?

  • Having known vinyl before digital, we realize that digital is becoming more and more important but I do not think that we should oppose the digital medium to the vinyl medium, they are complementary and I have noticed that often when labels come out of vinyls we are on beautiful achievements. The financial investment being more important on the vinyl the selection for its realization is also important. It gains in quality overall. Personally, I never did illegal downloading, I always wanted WAVE so from the start I went through legal platforms.
    I have more and more promotion and it is also a good way to make personal savings but also to discover new artists. In the digital age, it’s very nice to have a physical medium as well. Usb keys are good because it is light for transport but touching a vinyl is also very pleasant. There are advantages and disadvantages on the two supports that is why they seem to me to be complementary.

What are your future plans for making tracks?

  • For the year 2021, I have a personal EP of 4 tracks that will be released on ANDROID MUZIQ, a track on a VA on the DISSOLVED MIND RECORDS label, in collaboration with my friend E-RUNNER two other EP that will be released on ELEKTRAX RECORDINGS and COUNTER PULSE.

Thank you for accepting our interview request, we wish you much more success in your producer work!

  • Thank you to you for this great opportunity.

VINYL ► Axones – Sex Tape