Demo Submission To Label Is Open (For 2021 Releases)

Don’t miss the opportunity! Send it in time!

Greeting, 1-2 lines about yourself ( + artist pages: Facebook, Beatport etc.) , not just sending the link alone and say goodbye.
– Beatport top 10 list required!
– mastered tracks , it’s best to have a private soundcloud upload where it’s possible to listen to it before.
– Send only the kind of unreleased track that fits into the labels’s image. (it’s good to check out what kind of tracks releases on the label)
– Minimum 1 , maximum 4 tracks. (versions: 1 original + 3 remixes, 2 originals + 2 remixes, 3 originals + 1 remix , you can bring remix(es))
– Track(s) lenght should be maximum 6:30 minutes.
– The team will check the submitted demo under strict conditions.
– When demo accepted by the team it will be available on digitally and also vinyl when it will be released.
– Write only by email :

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As we get a lot of demos we just have time to reply back for those artists who are have potential and we see the opportunity so please dont get frustrated.