Demo submission to label

Demo submission to label, basic etiquette:

– Write only by email, messenger-instagram-facebook and other private surfaces are not for this.
– Greeting, 1-2 lines about ourselves, not just sending the link alone and say goodbye.
– 16 bit mastered wav, it’s best to have a private soundcloud upload where it’s possible to listen to it before. Download public link (without having to ask for permission), Dropbox, sendspace, drive, etc..
– Send only the kind of track that fits into the labels’s image. (it’s good to check out what kind of tracks releases on the label)
– Send 1 email to only one label, don’t be circular email to favorites.
– NO attachment, NO Youtube link.
– Meaning of Demo in practice = unreleased track, don’t send semi-finished track!
– You have one chance, if the opportunity goes, there are another X thousand demos and faces who are waiting in line.
– Don’t try the same demo for months, if there is no answer, it’s probably not a coincidence.
– If no one answers and doesn’t signal back, it usually has a reason and most of the time it’s in the track.