El Sam

Techno Vinyls Records ’ series of interviews, we talk to producers who have releases on our label.

Interview with EL SAM (Sam Kuplen)

What does producing mean to you? When did you start your music career and what motivated you?

  • Music production means a lot to me personally. It is a way of life. I’ve been a producer for 20 years, it’s just flowing through my veins. And once you’re a producer you’re a producer for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. There is no 8-hour workday in this profession.
    In fact, you also produce when you sleep. A lot of different things motivate me.
    Let’s say life, travel, live performances, in short, as a producer you absorb things around you which you store in your subconscious and in the end you put into rhythm and melody through consciousness.

Do you like to collaborate with other artists? What do you think about remixing? Do you like to remix or do you like to have your music remixed?

  • Yes I really like connecting with other artists. Because this is an industry that is always evolving and by connecting you discover new approaches. And I really like to see how someone else remix or let’s say dress up and present my original song.

How do you choose a title for your tracks? Do you think a well-chosen track and EP title matters?

  • As I said in the previous question, I am a producer who produces by feeling, by daily life inspiration, and that is why it is easier to name a song because you know why it was created. However, I am of the opinion that the name of the song should be related to the story and the message of the song. In some way .

Is a well-designed cover important to you?

  • In a way I do. Because we live in a funny world where eyes buy. And if the customer already likes what he sees, he will definitely listen and eventually buy the product as well. Sad but true.

How do you choose record labels (what is a good label for you and what are your expectations)?

  • I am currently in a position where record labels come to me and I can choose the projects myself. Thank God for that! For me, a good label is the one that takes care of the whole project. From the release of the project, a good promotion, to organizing some label nights where the artists of this label gather in a line up and create crazy night for label fans.

How do you see track sales in the digital millennium data flood (for example: how do you see the digital sales, promotion tracks, illegal downloads etc.)?

  • Since I coming from a period when only vinyl records were sold, I can say that what has been happening in recent 10 years is simply crazy. It’s very hard to break into the top 10 it’s not impossible but it’s hard. You can have an advantage if you are a unique and quality performer. The whole package is important from the online platforms like instagram, facebook, etc … Everything must be made meaningful and likeable. And of course in the end and it shouldn’t be in the end of this sentence. Your music has to be on a professional level. Illegal downloads have been present since the time when only vinyl records were sold. Because even then there were individuals who simply rip or let’s say record the song from vinyl and changed it into digital form and then sold it on the black market on the then coming CD format, and later, of course, also on illegal download platforms. We fought against that then and today. We will never get rid of this!

What are your future plans for making tracks?

  • Since covid has literally stopped the music industry this year and especially the techno scene, the time is right to develop, learn, spend more time in the studio and of course with the family. I have quite a few projects that we had to move from this year to the coming 2021 . For the next year, the plan is to release as much quality music as possible, hopefully clubs and festivals will open as soon as possible so that we can come to life again in our techno world.

Thank you for accepting our interview request, we wish you much more success in your producer work!

VINYL ► El Sam – Absolution EP