Natalino Nunes

In Techno Vinyls Records ’new series of interviews, we talk to producers who have releases on our label.

Interview with Natalino Nunes

What does producing mean to you? When did you start your music career and what motivated you?

  • For me, producing is the musical freedom to do what I want. I started mixing at the age of 21 and started producing 5 years later. The desire to create and develop my musical universe and to share it

How have your releases inspired you throughout your career?

  • I keep for objective to regularly produce music. The inspiration comes to me from other artists that I like, from collaborations, from meetings or from my changing state of mind and from my eclectic taste for music

Do you like to collaborate with other artists? What do you think about remixing? Do you like to remix or do you like to have your music remixed?

  • Yes I like collaborating with other artists, whether I’m doing remixes or being remixed. I like the mix of styles and the collaborations allow to enrich my own music and give it more scope. Music for me is also sharing, meeting and it allows this openness to others.

How do you choose a title for your tracks? Do you think a well-chosen track and EP title matters?

  • I sometimes choose the titles in relation to the environment in which I find myself (for example: one of my titles “Charonne” is the street in which I live “. Sometimes the title refers to a personal situation (for example the title Bluet: in reference to the name of the maternity hospital in which my daughter was born). Sometimes they refer to my mood or to causes that are dear to me (example: the title “eco” = ecology). Yes I think the title is important. It can hook some people. Even if the musicality of the piece must be the main thing.

Is a well-designed cover important to you?

  • Today the visual aspect is particularly important. We must not neglect: the title, the cover, the communication. It is all this that will make one artist emerge among all the others.

How do you choose record labels (what is a good label for you and what are your expectations) ?

  • I choose the labels above all according to their musical style. Their way of communicating around an outing is also one of my selection criteria, as are their references (the artists they produce …). I also sometimes want to give strength to a small emerging label.

How do you see track sales in the digital millennium data flood (for example: how do you see the digital sales, promotion tracks, illegal downloads etc.)?

  • You have to live with the times. There is good and bad in all of this. People from all over the world and from all walks of life have access to my music. This new way of consuming music gives everyone the opportunity to create and distribute their music. Regarding illegal downloads, of course artists lose money, but I can understand that people use them for ease and lack of resources.

What are your future plans for making tracks?

  • Allowed my projects: I have several releases in different labels and collaborations with artists whose music I appreciate. Despite this difficult period linked to COVID, I keep the energy to continue producing and renewing myself artistically.

Thank you for accepting our interview request, we wish you much more success in your producer work!

  • Thank you for this interview and see you soon for new collaborations with Techno Vinyl Records

Natalino Nunes – Voyage EP

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