Techno Vinyls Records ’ series of interviews, we talk to producers who have releases on our label.

Interview with NICKO (Nicko Moyano)

What does producing mean to you? When did you start your music career and what motivated you?

  • Have always had music in my skin since I was little my mum artist in the soul already made me listen to music while I was in her belly. I have always been immersed in music I really love everything from classic to electronic music through blues rock etc …
    At my mother’s house there was a record player and I listened to music all the time like Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, The Rolling Stones, Vangelis and classical music too and yes. I really liked the music of the 80’s. I started learning to mix in 1993 and in 1996 until 2001 I produced in an analog way at the time. But it was not yet PRO and it was a very difficult period of my life … at the bottom of a cellar I was working and making my weapons for the future I imagine. My motivation was artistic and to be able to express the difficult feelings of a very disturbed adolescence. Here in belgium we had the most beautiful and big club in the world! A great inspiration comes from here for many of us.When i went out for the first time in party here in belgium it was a revelation it was new music that could only be heard in club.
    I wanted to be already DJ ! and then produce.

How have your releases inspired you throughout your career?

  • It is my intimate emotions from day to day that direct my productions even if I have certain objectives, I operate by feeling.

Do you like to collaborate with other artists? What do you think about remixing? Do you like to remix or do you like to have your music remixed?

  • Yes I find it always enriching to make remixes provided that I am inspired by the track. and when we have good collaborations it allows us to evolve. it is part of the job. the remix is important in the career. But so far I have done a lot more remixes for other artist. I often produce 5 or 6 track EPs which doesn’t leave much room for remixes. But we ask me regularly.

How do you choose a title for your tracks? Do you think a well-chosen track and EP title matters?

  • There are two reglers at home for the titles. I am able to produce a track by already having the title and put the idea, the vibes… and at other times looking for a chord I like and then around the middle of the work around the track an idea for a title comes to me.

Is a well-designed cover important to you?

  • Yes of course. I sometimes have the right to inspect but it is rare. pity .

How do you choose record labels (what is a good label for you and what are your expectations)?

  • A good label for me is a team, a family where they communicate a lot with each other. A label must invest in enough PROMO pool / PREMIERE / and many good stuff to have a nice visibility. To have “the head on the shoulders” and to be hyper PRO. the desire for results, know his profession , play his artists on gigs and be honest and transparent.
    What is very important to me its human relationships and trust.

How do you see track sales in the digital millennium data flood (for example: how do you see the digital sales, promotion tracks, illegal downloads etc.)?

  • It is very difficult to stand out from the crowd there is so much release. For my part, I always try to reach the Beatport Charts to be able to be seen and heard.
    Otherwise its sad to see that many leave the tracks that end up being frank in the trash. only the hardest working people can ever hope to have results. The illegal downloads does not really bother me finally the music is shared it does not bring anything any more at our levels on the other hand the notoriety makes it possible to obtain nice bookings in the future.
    We are in transition the world and the record industry are changing. It is a difficult question but the only way to live or survive for many of us is the booking DJs.

What are your future plans for making tracks?

  • No i do my best all the time to improve myself.
    I work a lot on Ep Melodic house and Techno. as well as techno at other times.

Thank you for accepting our interview request, we wish you much more success in your producer work!

VINYL ► Nicko – Ice Peak EP