Jose San – Slammed EP


12″ Limited Cutting Vinyl

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Released: 26/Febr/2022

Hard techno and house label Rawsery are back with a new release. Slammed EP which features 3 original tracks and two remixes by the miraculous producers I-K-O and Go-z! Dive in their techno world and through dancing steps you’ll definitely find and reach the light at the end of the tunnel! Slammed EP a three to the floor core flows through each track, pumping a vein. The combination of escapism, nostalgia and hope comes together over 5 tracks transporting the listener to a time and place where dance-floors heave once again under the weight of revellers. The opener ‘Slammed’ combines otherworldly synths with distant melodies. Thumping minimal beats entwine with emotive samples, bringing old and new clubgoers together. ‘Fine’ continues to raise the tempo. Intricately layered fragments of drum breaks combine seamlessly with snippets of unintelligible, yet beautifully familiar chord, before building to a crescendo that surprises and delights in equal measure. As with the first release, the B Side leans towards club play. ‘Notth’ track lays yearning pads and synths over heavy percussion building an unrelenting energy to a dramatic climax.

1. Jose San – Slammed
2. Jose San – Fine
3. Jose San – Notth
4. Jose San – Slammed (I-K-O Remix)
5. Jose San – Fine (Go-z Remix)

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