Dom3n & I-K-O – Zeitbombe EP


12″ Limited Cutting Vinyl

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Artist:  Dom3n & I-K-O
Title:    Zeitbombe
Label:   Rawsery – RAW220219
Styles:  Techno, Hard Techno
Released: 19/Febr/2022

Rawsery Records is proud to present its sixteenth vinyl release: Zeitbombe EP. This new work presents 5 tracks, three original tracks of Dom3n & I-K-O, along with two remixes. Opening track is Zeitbombe, evolving lines, shuffled hi hats and precise kicks. The stereo field is constantly worked out augmenting the experience exponentially. No sudden interruptions, no abrupt changes, just the right dose of hypnosis to use as a powerful tool. Salmon a fast paced groove with almost all elements up from the very beginning. Wisely distorted drums, continuous filtered sequences, a sharp elastic line running and mutating across the structure. Direct and mental at the time. Restless Cave closes the EP, the overall feel is less distorted and more opaque and dinamic. The liquid filtered synthline is soon joined by sharp hats, alternating patterns and twisting the sounds wisely. EKI and Lim Nylon, are in charge of finishing off this incredible reference, full of pure power in each beat, demolishing bass, and hypnotic sequences and above all a message of vindication that is the common thread of the whole EP.


1. Dom3n & I-K-O – Zeitbombe
2. Dom3n & I-K-O – Restless Cave
3. Dom3n & I-K-O – Salmon
4. Dom3n & I-K-O – Zeitbombe (Lim Nylon Remix)
5. Dom3n & I-K-O – Zeitbombe (EKI Remix)

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