Fuma Funaky – Neuro EP


12″ Limited Cutting Vinyl

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Released: 08/Okt/2021
Artist(s):   Fuma Funaky
Title:          Neuro
Label:        Rawsery – RAW211008
Styles:       Techno, Hardgroove, Tribal

Fuma Funaky debut on Rawsery, Get your fix of futurist tribal grooves on his new Neuro EP,.
“Neuro” opens the release, a lone kick drum squashed in reverb sets the pace on the first bars while abstract details appear randomly and a continuous sequence grows from below. The tension is kept all over the arrangement, not additional percussive elements.
“Florka” has a Basic Channel approach soundwise, texturized techno as its best, exploring the dark corners of sound design, and again all relaying on a linear and mental arrangement. This release has a physical side and a digital one, with four andfive tracks respectively, including Anna Sonic, Homma Honganji remixes. Anna Sonic, Homma Honganji Remixes adds a thundering tribal techno vibe to the original sound. Huge, powerful, arena style kick drums lead the way alongside crispy hi hats that slice through the murky basses. That distinctive, highly infectious melody seeps through, building us up the break where the main hook comes to life before climaxing back to thundering techno mode. Twisting grooves and gritty basses greet us on the drop, locking us in for the duration. An absolute stormer of remixes that is not to be missed.

01. Fuma Funaky – Neuro
02. Fuma Funaky – Florka
03. Fuma Funaky – Bass
04. Fuma Funaky – Neuro (Anna Sonic Remix)
05. Fuma Funaky – Florka (Homma Honganji Remix)


Fuma Funaky – a producer, DJ, … This are just two of many things that describe this amazing Slovenian techno head. His first touch with electronic music happened in 2002, when he was only 14 years old. He knew immediately what he wants to do in his life – play and create music. He has got himself into DJ-ing deeply and all he can say about his passion is: ̋Techno was, techno is and always will be big part of my life. I won`t change that for any price! ̋ In more than a decade of creating, Fuma Funaky`s music has been released on several labels worldwide.


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