MRT2S & Andrew T Dorn – Eternity EP


12″ Limited Cutting Vinyl

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Released: 15/Okt/2021
Artist(s):   MRT2S & ATD
Title:         Eternity
Label:       Rawsery – RAW211015
Styles:      Acid House, Acid Techno, Hardgroove

Following a string of quality outings, DJ Titusz & Andrew T Dorn returns with a fresh take on her 2021 hit, For all eternity. Packed with punchy rhythm and blossoming basslines, this dancefloor sensation quickly landed her on the map and in the bags of underground and main stage DJs, alike. 5 track acid house ep good for nightclubs. vocal and dub/instrumental mixes along with an acapella. out on chicagos house . “For All Eternity” is a twisted tribute to the first golden age of electronic music. Italy talent Manny Fasano turns the trip into a dance floor bomb, leaving no choice but to move with its chubby bass and synthetic lead lines. Homma Honganji & Veztax brings it back to the age of the machines and delivers an hypnotizing hardgroove version, brilliantly mixing the acidtinged nuance of the original with unstoppable killer rhythms and vocals.

01. MRT2S & ATD – For All Eternity
02. MRT2S & ATD – For All Eternity (Menny Fasano Remix)
03. MRT2S & ATD – For All Eternity (Homma Honganji Remix)
04. MRT2S & ATD – For All Eternity (Veztax Remix)
05. Andrew T Dorn – Eternity


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