Veruah – Pulse EP


12″ Limited Cutting Vinyl

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Released: 12/Nov/2021
Artist:       Veruah
Title:         Pulse
Label:       Rawsery – RAW211112
Styles:      Techno

Veruah’s bio is a simple one. It reads “high power, deep emotion”, and that about sums up the Veruah aesthetic.

Capturing all the frantic energy of a Veruah set, “Pulse” gets underway with the title track – a punishing cut of stripped back, hard velocity techno. Old horror film vocal samples induce an old school, psychedelic experience from within as the track builds and builds towards its imminent climax.

‘Manifestation’ maintains a spooky feel throughout, it’s off-key atmospherics and marching rhythm channeling that deep emotion that strays down a more melodic route with its trancey stabs and hands-in-the-hair energy, unting the worlds of hard and soft.

‘Pulse – Mr. Shady Remix’ ventures further into this trance-world, with an albeit heavier cut than its predecessor. This is in-your-face hardcore trance – not for the faint hearted, for those that wish to totally immerse themselves in complete rave escapism.

Rounding off the release is a last rmx track ‘Manifestation – Lucca M Remix’, which halts the high-speed onslaught with an emotionally-stirring ambient piece designed to float, captivate and inspire.

01. Veruah – Pulse
02. Veruah – Manifestation
03. Veruah – Voices
04. Veruah – Pulse (Mr.Shady Remix)
05. Veruah – Manifestation (Lucca M Remix)

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