Silent Souls

Techno Vinyls Records ’ series of interviews, we talk to producers who have releases on our label.

Interview with Silent Souls S / S (Ivan Bagnoli)

What does producing mean to you? When did you start your music career and what motivated you?

  • For Us Producing Our Own Music Is The Perfect Change To Create The Proper Atmosphere During Our Set, From Intro To Closing Track. Me (Ivan), Personally I Started My DJ Career When I Was 14, And Often I Spent My AfterNoons After The School Helping My Uncle In His Record Shop Before And Then Audio Service. About Linda (Second Half Of SILENT SOULS), She Enjoyed The Project When We Get Married. The Combining Of Our Two Personalities Was Perfect To Make Possible “SILENT SOULS” Project Born.

How have your releases inspired you throughout your career?

  • As I Said Our Releases, Even Under Different Alias, Were Foundamental To Understand The Approach On Our Sets, And Dancefloor Reposonse.
    After Some Previous Project, Silent Souls, Just Fit Perfect For Us And Our Music.

Do you like to collaborate with other artists? What do you think about remixing? Do you like to remix or do you like to have your music remixed?

  • In The Past Years I Did Several Remixes, And Our Remixed Tracks Too. But With The New Project We Changed Completely Our Mind. Now We Absolutely Prefere Too Be 100% Focused On Our Own Music.

How do you choose a title for your tracks? Do you think a well-chosen track and EP title matters?

  • The Titles Oo Our Tracks Always Depens From The Album Or EP Title, And Also From The Artwork.

Is a well-designed cover important to you?

  • I Believe That The Cover Should Be Designed By The Artist, But Often This Is Not Possible.
    Then Could Be Well-Designed Or Not, Could Be A Picture Or Whatever The Artist Like, But Always In Agrement With Label Management.

How do you choose record labels (what is a good label for you and what are your expectations)?

  • We Like The Labels That Take Their Time To Listen To The Artist Work, Without Accepting Any Kind Of Music They Receive Just To Make Sales. At The Moment We Are Really Focused On Our Own Label Scarlet Carson Black. Techno Vinyls Records Was Our First Vinyl Release And Let Me Say One Of Our Best. After Two Years Our Intro Track “THIRD VISION” Is Still Aamazing Aand We Play It At All Our Gigs. I Can Say Is Our Tradamark, And When People Listen To It They Say “Silent Souls Are On Stage”.

How do you see track sales in the digital millennium data flood (for example: how do you see the digital sales, promotion tracks, illegal downloads etc.)?

  • I Think Digital Sales Are Not Anymore Under Control. For Example We Stoped To Use Beatport, That’s Because Every Day I Dindt Know How Many Tracks Are Releasing, Maybe Thousands. You Get Lost, And The Track Released Today, Tomorrow Will Be Old.
    To Listen And Buy Music We Like A Lot Bandcamp, Like This We Go Straight To Listen Our Favorite Labels And Artists And We Contribute To Help Small Reaities.
    About Promotion, I’m Agree If Its Focused And Untill It Became Spam.
    It Does Not Make Sense To Send Techno Promos To House DJ’s Or Viceversa.

What are your future plans for making tracks?

  • Future Plan For 2021 Is To Arrange A New Vinyl Release On Our Lable Scarlet Carson Black.

Thank you for accepting our interview request, we wish you much more success in your producer work!

VINYL ► S / S – Visions