Dear Music Listeners

We have a bit of sad news to report . After 6 years of hard work and more than 300 releases, the Techno Vinyls Records will cease operations!

Good luck to all music listeners, see you !

Vinyl record has been in bloom many times and also now.

I think nowadays most of the music community is aware that vinyl record has been in bloom many times and also now.
Big, expensive, vulnerable, circumstantial to use,it need a separate target device, and moreover, you need to turn it around in the middle of listening to music.

– Nice. This is undoubtedly a subjective measure of value but the same cover is much more effective at a 33×33 centimeter size or on the „foldable” gatefold’s twice the size surface as in 12×12
(this is the size of the CD booklet) or in a jpg image on some display. And the plate itself is engineering beauty with its grooves.

– Sounds good. Online forums are full with lots of analog versus digital battles to which one is better.
But in absolute terms, there is no doubt that analog recording parameters have set the standard high enough decades ago. Do not think of an analogue cassette here first.

– It holds its value. How much is an audio file worth? If we can pay for it (of course it is natural for us to pay, since no one will download free mp3) then we actually pay for a service the price of which we never see again.
But let’s take a look at ebay or discogs’ records page. (Although I will add here that the CD is not a bad comparison either.)
Fortunately, the album has more than just curiosity, because the songs on it were very good so it is highly recommended for listening, not just for shelf decoration.

Impact Of The Disappearance Of Vinyl Records On Electronic Music Life

You can love or not the pleasant, warm sound and dynamics of vinyl records, according to many people the crackling of the needle adds to the musical experience while others find it disturbing. The principle of the vinyl believers that they like to feel the music under their hands and put the needle on it.
CDs could never reproduce this experience. With the proliferation and rapid development of timecode systems it has been possible since the mid-2000s to rotate the music under our hands while playing digital formats and and we can touch it directly with feeling.

The disappearance of vinyl records has slowly changed the entire electronic music life.
One of the biggest disadvantages of vinyl was its weight, if a DJ has a longer, more varied set, he had to carry quite massive disc bags. On the one hand, this was not practical for convenience, on the other hand, in those performances which were far away, a serious problem was the safe transportation of discs.
Not surprisingly, more and more disk jockeys have switched to digital technology.
Today practically they can take unlimited audio with them on a pendrive, so you can always have those specialties at hand which may only be possible to show once a year. This freedom was unimaginable for a DJ 15 years ago.

Another great disadvantage for the mortals on earth was their price.
This has made life very difficult for young disc players or collectors with beginner and modest financial backgrounds.
That is why an average disc jockey had to think twice about what to buy.
Djs were forced to focus based on their own tastes and subjective opinions to the best discs and it contributed greatly to create a unique style and sounding.

In this respect, the relatively high price of vinyl records was absolutely no negative.
In addition, the high production and shipping costs of labels and distributors have set up a natural filter system, which basically condemned sub-standard releases to death. Of course, there were always weak attempts.
Every style, producer, label had a better and worse time.

A record label that deals with vinyl records have more limited options as a label that working with online downloadable materials. While vinyl was the number one equipment in DJs hands, even the biggest labels had to think several times about what they were investing in.
If no one bought the disc, they could close the shop after a few failed releases. This factor encouraged labels and producers to do quality work. As time went on, with the advancement of technology, the quality of cutting and mastering became increasingly important.
The selectors didn’t like discs that sounded weak, undemanding and obviously the audience is also more shows more enthusiasm for that dancing sound what they said was “sounds cool.”
Record stores were also filters: it was up to them what Dj got. Fortunately, record stores were largely in the hands of fanatics who had a more sophisticated musical taste than the average businessman.
Day and night they listened to the latest releases. They were pretty much aware of what to buy and order at the big fairs.
In addition, they also knew that they can’t get rid of the disks which are below criticism and will have to sell them at a penny sale.

Even after the spread of CDJs, were still a matter of prestige, for disc jockeys in the underground circles to someone play music from vinyl.
Of course, a lot of the money and time spent did not guarantee that a person would have a taste for music and be able to handle records and audiences, but, at some level, it was a commitment.

Releasing on vinyl for a good label has always been a big word, and it is still true today.
Numerous labels, most of them including classic,oldschool sounds, deal with vinyls in addition to digital formats, furthermore the underground labels that only print a small number of discs are also on the rise again today.

With the advancement of CDJ technology, the number of disc jockeys using timecode vinyl has also declined.
One reason is that it is much easier to drag 2 or more music to a rhythm with a CD (or laptop, autosync button).
In addition, there are a number of options that state-of-the-art CD players offer that are very difficult or impossible to accomplish with vinyl.
Another thing was gone, those who did not want to deal with tempo setting were given a new opportunity.
Although not necessarily to be the best DJ who mixes with the most technically, but who once learns play music flawlessly with vinyl, then it will be possible to do anything.

A generation has grown up who has never heard anyone play music from disc on the spot and they have never tried it, so they are not bound by emotional threads to the crackling black plates.
For them, these things are only memories of an exciting but gone era.

Release to record? Why does anyone deal with this? Is it worth for someone?

Release to record? Why does anyone deal with this? And how can the record label companies survive ? Is it worth for someone?
Interview with Andrew T Dorn, the founder of Techno Vinyl’s Records.

The answer is that it’s really worth it and not just for a few people and not just for collectors. We were looking for the answer to the question of how can a record label company stand on its own feet in the age of digital music listening and downloading and does it make sense it make sense beyond prestige to release on record nowadays.

You founded the Techno Vinyl’s Records in 2016 What motivated you at that time? What is the concept and audience?
In the second half of our operation we started opening to digital platforms.
At the beginning, the goal was the record (vinyl) release. There are plenty of disks still in existence today. In fact, many materials have never been officially released. Interestingly, we do not have close concepts with our releases. The point is to make the product acceptable. No matter whether it is Techno or House. If there is mutual sympathy between the artist and the label we can easily identify with the release. We never talk into the music because it’s not our job. We make the album cover together with the artist. If an artist make quality and indefectible work we support the creator to the maximum.

How do you see the situation of record labels today nowadays?
To what extent has revenue increased or decreased in recent years, how and what are important the record label companies in 2018?
For years, the decline in vinyl purchasing power has been continuous. It can be said that this is compensated by the advancement of digital sales and / downloads, but this is a vain dream.
More and more releases are need to be released to generate income, and even more for development. It is difficult to solve this by not going to the detriment of quality, but for the time being we can proudly say that this is not a problem for us.


How many feet should you stand on? What services should be provided to be worth it?
It must be present on all platforms, can’t be satisfied with it for example a disk is only available in physical form. Many people are not interested in tangible music, therefore it is necessary to be found a particular release in digital stores and stream sites. And of course the reverse version is also true from the same. This depends on the artists what will be the prioritization.

Do you think there is a circle of people who are not so much follow the artists but rather labels?  Does this trust still exist on the consumer’s side in the age of listening to music on the Internet?
If a label is specific, there may be a customer circle which is follow it. In our case, the genre scatter is relatively small, I do not think there would be a music fan who bought all of our releases. But I have already experienced that a particular format has fans. This is nothing more than the record.

And what about vinyl sales? Did you release discs in a physical format of prestige question?
We don’t release of prestige issue in physical format really there is still a layer who are still insist on tangible things. With that, there’s no problem, in my freetime I like to listen to the discs while reading the lyrics and watching the cover. So, fortunately, many people still need physical formats. Vinyl is experiencing a renaissance. The vinyl is experiencing a renaissance. Expensive fun, but we are very proud if we are over a successful disk release.
Beyond the sound quality no last thing is an EP or an LP for gift

What are the great plans of Techno Vinyl’s Records for 2019?
The year 2019 will be busy. We continue the vinyl releases. We will also have some surprises that I can’t tell you yet. The point is to we look at an exciting future.

Source, Note: Laszlo Kohegyi